About Haifa Fahad

HAIFA FAHAD, sees the light in 2012. A year after that the brand started to thrive, gaining faith followers through social media and our concept store.

HAIFA FAHAD encompasses a world of women’s extremes. A positively powerful expression of all the beautiful things, ideas, characters, possibilities, flaws, gifts, experiences and feelings every kind of “she” can be. 

Standing strong in Independence, HAIFA FAHAD is an artistic depiction of contemporary womanhood. A number of dynamic definitions finely and daringly (simultaneously) detailing feminine prowess. 

Haifa Fahad

From ready to wear metallics, actual metal, and a gritty layering, to fairly tale couture, silks and evening elegance, HAIFA FAHAD isn’t afraid to highlight the power of femininity in all its stunning variety. 

From the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, HAIFA FAHAD personifies a new level of fashion inspiration, with designs that reflect a globally exposed and flamboyantly rebellious creativity. The helpless odes to her Arabian home are represented effortlessly, proudly, evidently and throughout.

The Team


HF is currently composed of a team of 20 people capable of creating bespoke designs using only top quality materials.

The company prides itself with the production of all garments in house and locally (KSA). We believe this adds great value for our clients. Single minded individuals who like to know their clothes are unique and the best quality.

Recent growth due to constant increase of demand from our clients and concept stores, HF has expanded and started to manufacture in Izmir, Turkey. Most of the production for our ready to wear fashion line “DARE” has been made there.

HAIFA FAHAD is an “intuitive designer” and is so involved in the process that she tries every garment before approving production. The whole team believes this proves her dedication to the company and the brand itself.

Our clean yet modern design and “strong identity” is what helps us stand out among the competitors. HAIFA FAHAD´s unique image speaks to a generation of educated people who are comfortable with how they look and proud of who they are.


Her clothes speak for themselves and the messages they carry are heard loud and clear, independent, arab, cultural, unique, feminine, extravagant, flamboyant and rebellious.

- Velvet Magazine -

Riyadh-born and based Haifa Fahad has made a signature of expressing women’s polar emotions via her clothes. Dynamic, feminine, rebellious, proud, flawed; HAIFA FAHAD’s woman may sound complicated on paper but when transcended through to her billowy abayas and kaftans, anyone in touch with their inner Venus will decipher a simplicity that is altogether contemporary.

- Style.com-

Emerging designer HAIFA FAHAD, designs embellished traditional abayas, in addition to a full ready-to-wear line of both womenswear and menswear.